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BOOST’R HYBRID is a thin multifoil insulation product with a built-in breather membrane function for use on the cold side of the building fabric in roofs and walls.

BOOST’R HYBRID provides dual properties within a single product: A breathable membrane and insulation, allowing a reduction in the number of installation steps whilst reducing the thickness of the main insulation to achieve the same required U-Value. It can be used in conjunction with any type of insulation. BOOST’R HYBRID is available in rolls of 10m2 and with a 35mm thickness.

BOOST’HYBRID advantages:

  • With a Z-value = 0,55 MNs/g,
  • Achieves a declared core R-value of 1,35 m2.K/W (with no air gaps – in direct contact) and R value of 2,40 m2.K/W with 2 air voids of 20mm.
  • BOOST’R HYBRID is suitable for all wind zones (1-5) throughout the UK in accordance with BS5 534. 
  • BOOST’R HYBRID has been tested and certified in laboratory according to the following EN Standards EN 13859-1/2 & EN 16012
  • BOOST’R HYBRID has been tested on site by the Glasgow Caledonian University according to ISO 9869.