The information presented in this simulator is intended as a guide only and to illustrate how ACTIS Hybrid reflective insulation products can achieve U-value results for the four specific building applications. Each construction project is unique in its design and requirements.

U Value results are based on slightly ventilated roof build-ups and vented wall build-ups using standard construction materials. However, to achieve best possible U values for specific applications, the following may have been used: foil backed plasterboard interior lining; 38/38mm timber cross battens; 600mm timber centers; low emissivity air cavities. There is no condensation risk in relation to the given construction build-ups. 

All the calculations have been made according to EN ISO 6946, BR443, BBA IB3, BS 5250.

Whist we hope you will find this tool useful, the results are indicative and should not be regarded as a final calculation. Please contact our technical department to receive a project specific U-Value calculation.


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